ThirdLine Audit Course

The Auditing Non-Financial Risk Course

This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the importance of Auditing Non-Financial Risk.

We demystify how to use auditing to create a framework for effective Risk, Assurance & Governance using the Three Lines of Defence Model* and ISO Standards.

We also provide an overview of the mechanics of effective Non-Financial Risk Audit Strategy and Plan design.

Finally, we highlight the Safety Governance lense, providing insights into the often underestimated safety impacts within non-financial risk.

Who is this Course For?

This course is designed for Senior Leaders and Professionals of organisations with or aspiring for ISO Accreditation in Non-Financial Risk Standards

  • ISO 9000 Quality Management
  • ISO45000 Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO14000 Environmental Management 
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management
  • ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
  • ISO 37000 Governance

 It is highly applicable for the following roles:

  • Directors & Board Members
  • Professionals with responsibility for providing advice and support in organisations
  • Managers with responsibility for safe, efficient delivery of products or services
  • Audit & Risk Committee Members
  • Governance, Risk and Assurance Professionals, however it is not designed to substitute for formal contemporary Auditor Training & Accreditation.

* IIA Institute of Internal Auditors ( The Three Lines of Defence Model discussed is based on the Institute of Internal Auditors Model).

Auditing Non-Financial Risk Course Course Content

This course is divided into 7 modules

1. Why Conduct Audits?

2. Non-Financial Risk

3. ISO Standards & Non-Financial Risk

4. The 3 Lines Model

5. Effective Internal Audits

6. The Audit Process

7. Auditors – Ethics & Expectations